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Folklore is an ongoing body of work chronicling the mythology and legends found deep in our history. Demonic grimoires, folk traditions and horror stories are brought to life in stark monochrome on canvas and paper, as artist Katie Marland uses her background in natural history illustration to inform the creation of something uncanny, twisting the ordinary into the preternatural.

Katie Marland is a Bristol-based fine artist and illustrator. She studied at Bristol School of Art, Camberwell, and The Royal Drawing School, where she recently completed her masters. Her work is research-led, characterised by close observational drawing, obsessive detail, and dark themes. She can be found most days haunting the halls of local museums.

Folklore is open at The Vestibules, Bristol City Hall, 13th - 16th September 10-6pm. It will then travel to the Folklore Library & Archive in Devon from October 10th to December 16th.

Please scroll through or click the images to explore the exhibition.

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